Crystal Springs - founded in Los Angeles in 1925, Crystal Springs Water is the largest provider of 100% purified clean bottled water in the western United States.  Crystal Springs is offering several new customer sign-up offers - get started now and have water delivered to your home or business in just days!

Coupon 1: Get $20 Off Delivery Service


Coupon 2: Free 3 or 5-gallon Bottle


How does delivery from Crystal Springs work:

  • Enter your zip code - verify water delivery

  • Get a Free 3 or 5-gallon bottle with your order

  • Enjoy 100% purified FDA approved water

  • Always clean.  Always safe.

  • Schedule delivery based on use.

  • Free recycling of empty bottles

Whether getting delivery to your home residence or business bottled water delivery, Crystal Springs is the west's #1 choice for quality water delivery service at low delivery rates.

How do the Dispensers work?

Water Dispensers are easy to use and operate with quiet efficiency.  Place near a wall outlet to enable cold and hot/warm water dispensers to function.


Most popular delivery plans include delivery of four 5-gallon bottles to your door every 4 weeks. 


You can also choose between the following types of dispensers:

  • hot and cold water dispenser

  • room temperature dispenser

  • room temp and cold dispenser

How much does it cost?

Less than you would expect.  Prices are down to a fraction of what they were 5 years ago.


Delivery for a hot & cold dispenser and tour 5-gallon bottles for just $32.99. 


You can also get a room temp & cold dispenser with four 5-gallon bottles for $29.99.


Compare delivery prices to what you may already be paying for small 8-12 oz. bottled water and the savings and convenience is clear!

Who is Crystal Springs?

Crystal Springs has been providing clean pure purified water for over 80 years to homes and businesses across the Southeast, Mid-Atlantic, and Pacific Northwest  Bottled in the quiet woodlands west of Ocala Florida and deep springs of Lancaster Pennsylvania - try Crystal Springs.

DS Waters, Sparklett's parent, operates over 25 manufacturing facilities.  DS Waters through employs a fleet of over 2,000 delivery trucks to bring clean fresh bottled water directly to your door.  With over 5,000 employees and servicing customers in over 30 states, DS Waters is the leading bottled water delivery service in the country.


2 free 5 gal bottles + 1 case .5 liter bottles